Liz extended a life-line to me as a patient with metastatic breast cancer at a comprehensive cancer center. In addition to providing incredible, compassionate support to me and my spouse, she volunteered to serve as a liaison between me and the oncologists about alternative/complementary treatments I wanted to use. Her assuming this role removed a large burden from me and allowed me to access a broader range of treatment options. The impact of having metastatic cancer is often not understood or recognized by family and friends. Liz possesses tremendous knowledge about cancer treatments (both mainstream and alternative/complementary), and the impact of cancer on the entire family. Her nonjudgmental approach and sense of humor make her an extremely effective therapist. The suggestions and advice Liz provides are realistic and extraordinarily helpful. During a crisis with one of our college aged daughters, Liz supported us generously with her time and kept us “sane” during a very tumultuous time. Another outstanding characteristic of Liz is her ability to quickly process information and respond in a thoughtful, helpful, manner. Getting to know Liz and have her involved in our lives has been a silver lining in the often dark cloud of cancer. She is simply the best!

- Nancy C. Reichle

When my husband, Doug, became sick with cancer, the oncologist called on Liz to help. We didn’t think we really needed any help because we were very independent people with great attitudes and deep faith. During the first meeting with her, though, it felt as if she had already known us for years. Very quickly, she picked up on my husband’s personality and motivations. She spoke aloud the very thoughts that he had kept inside. We became “Liz fans” from that moment on. In one visit we went from “not needing any help” to “we have to see her regularly!”

In each visit, there were invaluable nuggets of wisdom that Doug and I would talk about later. And even though Doug and I shared everything, somehow, in our time with Liz, I ended up learning more about his thoughts and struggles.

Her insight and compassion truly made all the difference in the middle of our difficult battle. I benefited from hearing Doug speak to her and also to hear the wisdom she shared with both of us. We could easily tell that she spoke from a depth of knowledge and empathy. Still today, beyond the days of surgeries and treatments, she is a comfort and guide in my grief.  My comfort comes from: 1) knowing that she understands who I am.. my personality, my slants, my faith and 2) she has wisdom to speak thought provoking truth in a way that completely fits me.

Doug and I never could understand her ability to zone in on the need, to understand, to process, and to give targeted wise direction, all laced with deep compassion and patient empathy. We constantly spoke about how she was just born to do what she does.

Ironically, one of Doug’s best friends was diagnosed with cancer at the same time. Doug encouraged his friend to seek a “Liz” at his hospital in another state. One day when Doug and his friend were talking on the phone, I heard Doug helping him in his struggles. Doug was sharing everything he had learned from Liz. That alone, showed me the impact she had on his life.

Doug’s friend said that he learned more in their one hour conversation than he did in eight sessions with his cancer support specialist. I was so happy that Doug was such a big help to him, but I was extremely saddened that there are so many families struggling with cancer who are not getting the talented guidance like we were blessed to have in Liz.

I wish every cancer specialist who desired to play such a critical role in the lives of others could glean even an ounce of what she embodies. And I wish I could tell every cancer patient how they could benefit from her personal help.

There is no question that our lives would have been terribly more difficult had it not been for Liz. We could always count on her. She helped make everything okay. She was a voice of knowledge; a voice of empathy; a voice of insight; and a voice of stability in a very unstable time in life.

Doug and I believe the Scripture, “In all things God works for the good of those who love Him...” God’s loving “good” to us was giving us Liz. We will be forever grateful.

- Sharon (and Doug) Smith, North Carolina

As the caregiver of a spouse with metastatic breast cancer, Liz has provided support to me for over four years. Her extensive knowledge of the cancer experience, along with her understanding of long-term caregiving challenges, makes her an exceptional therapist. Having Liz accompany me on this journey has often kept me ‘afloat’. I have benefited from her expertise in the areas of cancer diagnosis and treatments (conventional and alternative), side-effects (physical and emotional), changing family dynamics and effects on children/teenagers. Liz has a remarkable memory and easily identifies patterns and offers insightful interpretations from my, frequently fragmented, descriptions of thoughts, feelings, and situations. Liz’s compassionate, thoughtful guidance is invaluable. With her help, I have learned to take better care of myself and to take breaks from ‘cancer’ which makes me a better caregiver for the long-term. Experiencing metastatic breast cancer with my spouse is a ‘roller coaster ride’- living from scan to scan with frequent treatment changes. I am incredibly fortunate to have Liz support me through this difficult process. She is outstanding!

- Tanya Carter-Reichle