Stressed, tired, overwhelmed, anxious, fearful?
Challenged by weight and nutrition issues?
Unsure of how to be your own medical advocate?
Struggling with insomnia? PTSD? Pain issues? Grief?
Wanting to move toward healthy choices, but feeling stuck?
Wanting to live more authentically and find joy?
Do others think you are “done” with cancer and cancer treatment but it doesn’t feel like cancer is “done with you”?
Have you heard about the benefits of cannabis but want specific guidance for your specific health needs?

I want to see you flourish. I want to see you live your most activated life. For each of you the steps are your own but I am here to help you discover the steps you want to take and to support you in taking them. For some of you it may be identifying resources to help with your challenges. For others it may be taking the opportunity to work with me one on one to identify the challenges, prioritize the helpful approaches and receive support, education and encouragement during this transformative time. You will feel met in your experience and more aware of the choices you have to feel emotionally and physically healthy. All services are also available to caregivers and health care professionals.

I want to see you thrive. I am passionate about helping people impacted by cancer including “patients”, caregivers, and health professionals.

I am open to the choices you make. I believe that each individual, each couple and family, and each organization has independent factors to take into consideration when approaching challenges and deciding on options. I feel grateful to have had years of experience and teachings from professionals and those who have faced cancer. I am grateful for my years of exploration into integrative therapies including nutrition, the power of body work, psychotherapy, physical movement and plant medicine. My desire is to listen to you, help you identify the challenge(s) most relevant to you and provide you with choices that resonate for you.

I am appreciative of the financial toxicity of cancer. I believe every individual impacted by cancer deserves services that can optimize their health and well-being. I am aware that many have the resources to afford what can be helpful during and after cancer treatment, for example integrative therapies, psychotherapy, massage, acupuncture, supplements, etc., and that many do not. I try to work with each individual and organization, deciding on reasonable payment for services rendered.

Reasons you might want to be in touch include:

- You may be feeling frustrated and unsupported in getting what you need from your medical providers or those around you.
- You may be feeling alone and unsure what comes next after completing treatment and don’t know where to go for information and support.
- You may be worried and anxious about how you are feeling, side effects and uncertain about when life “gets normal” again.
- You may want support on how best to advocate for your medical needs
- You may be a caregiver who is struggling with the stress and challenges of caring for a loved one.
- You know that you want to approach your physical challenges differently but you want guidance on where to begin.
- You are interested in making life style changes after your treatment and want a plan.
- You know that emotionally you are feeling like the people around you “don’t get it” in terms of your cancer experience and want support and help with navigating this time.
- Your life after cancer feels out of balance and physically and emotionally draining.
- You are ready to explore and re-focus on reclaiming your health and healing body, mind and spirit.
- You know that with support, education and guidance you will open yourself to feeling better and living an authentic and activated life.
- You may also be a caregiver or health professional who is struggling with your role as a caregiver to a person or persons with cancer.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Discovery Session

I will provide you with years of expertise in oncology and offer you integrative support and guidance to confront issues on which you want to focus. Issues may be related to side effects of treatment, body image, sensuality and sexuality, moving toward healthy behaviors, facing emotional challenges post treatment, finding joy and balance, and steps toward living healthfully and whole heartedly after the trauma of a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Together we will discuss and address the areas that you are finding the most challenging and design a plan for you to begin to feel more support and address the stressors identified.  I will utilize both local, national and international resources, as well as my professional expertise to provide you with a summary of our session and choices for you to consider as you move toward addressing your challenges.

Speaking Events

Elizabeth is known as a dynamic, encouraging speaker guiding her listeners to choose the steps that help them to flourish.  She has spoken to a variety of cancer groups over the years, professionals who are learning more about survivorship and volunteers giving back after their own cancer experience.

Please contact us if you are interested in Elizabeth speaking at your event.