After working in oncology for almost two decades I still wish that you heard words like these from your treatment team. Sometimes the emotional and physical challenges are addressed during treatment. I wish that at the completion of treatment, your health care team let you know that for most people the time after treatment can be really challenging too. Yes, you have gotten through it…the treatment that is. Life after cancer treatment does not always feel like cancer has left your life! If you had heard, “We know that many people have different concerns after treatment and we are going to continue to work together to address these problems. We want to address all your concerns and it may take some time as the healing process is different for each person. You are not alone.”, would it have made a difference in your life?

I believe that more can be done, should be done, to help cancer fighters and survivors live fully during and after treatment. Research and personal experience have demonstrated the benefits of addressing mind, body and spirit. I know the challenges and burdens of cancer can be many but are often not addressed. I am driven to improve care for cancer survivors by providing information and choices to living healthfully and fully after treatments or between treatments. Over the years I have gained expertise in providing support and helping people to clarify and master the steps that help to move toward healing. Your steps may include reducing your stress, problem solving related to on-going symptoms like fatigue or chemo-brain, addressing weight and nutritional concerns, body image and sexuality, the importance of moving your body, anxiety and mood or advocating for your medical management. These are just some of the areas we might explore when working together. At times it can feel like putting the pieces of a puzzle together and I can help in that process.

“To cure is to remove disease. To heal is to make whole, and wholeness can belong as much to the infirm as to the healthy.”
- James Carroll

Treatment changes you too! Your physiology has been altered. Your body has been altered at a cellular level and perhaps at an even larger level if you have had surgery or radiation. We know that this process may accelerate aging. For some maintenance medications can be challenging. Working together we can address these concerns including practices that may help to restore your health and even slow aging.

You are not alone if you are troubled by how you feel after your treatment is over. If you are here you have acknowledged that things just don’t feel right and you are searching for the steps that will help. You may feel totally adrift or like you just can’t get find those last few pieces of your puzzle that fit together to form a whole hearted you. You may feel totally exhausted from the emotional toll of cancer and want a sense of resilience or balance. I’m here to support you. I am here to help you identify your challenges, stimulate your curiosity about your choices and support you in taking personalized steps toward healing. Together we can identify the steps that will strengthen your physical, emotional and spiritual vitality helping you heal after cancer has touched your life.  

“Our lives are compendiums of loss and change and what we make of it."
-Stephen Colbert